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Welcome: Please read

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Welcome to Pushing the Borders.

This is the main forum and will be open to guests to read, although only members can post. To avoid too many different sections we have have decided to keep it simple with one forum for everything you want to talk about in relation to gardens. There are separate member only areas for off topic discussions (for the football fans) and for the forum development (this is where you can get involved in the forum development). We know some people just want to come here to read and talk about plants/gardens, so we will keep this forum for that, everything else goes in the other areas.

We know that many people look in and read this forum without wanting to register as members, this is fine but if you enjoy looking in please consider a donation, this is a small forum and the burdon of keeping it going falls on just a few shoulders

We have attempted to make the forum more mobile friendly and it should automatically detect if you are accessing it from a mobile. If it works you will get a very simple forum style, which has most, but not all, of the forum functions. Hopefully this will work smoothly, but please let us know in the forum development section if there are problems or issues. Further information / tips can also be found there.

Photos are an issue on every site, they take up a lot of space and can result in the forum running slowly for mobiles or in general. Ideally we would like to keep storage of photos on the site to a minimum and there are currently several ways to post photos. Our preference would be for members to link to photos stored on sites such as Flickr or facebook. This is easy and allows photos to be as large as users wish, we will add instructions on how to do this. If you don't use a Flickr or other image site, then you should find the text "add image to post" just below the text box when creating a post. This is a simple method to add single or multiple images without having to resize them. Finally you can add images directly using the "Add Attachment menu", here there is a size limit and is best used only as a last resort. We will review this policy in time.

If you are interested in helping run / develop the forum then keep an eye out on the forum development area, this is where all posts on that topic will be posted. That way anyone not interested in discussions about the banner, or pictures etc, doesn't have to sift through them. We hope lots of people will make suggestions for development, and give us feedback on ideas.

While the moderation team will do what they can to make this a friendly place, whether it succeeds or fails is down to you. The whole point of being a member is to join in, ask questions, show us your gardens / plants, so please post every now and then.

In these early stages there will be quite a few changes, and some things may not work as smoothly as we would like. Please let us know in the development area of any problems.

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