Opuntia santarita

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Re: Opuntia santarita

Post by AndyC »

Maya wrote: Mon Jul 08, 2024 3:48 pm Image


This is the intensity of purple I get in North Wales.
Would you be happy with this color?
Yes Maya, they are fantastic. Unfortunately I can't open the picutres up to get the detail, are they permanently planted outside and what protection do you give them over winter?
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Re: Opuntia santarita

Post by Maya »

Sorry Andy, first time posting a photo here, it is probably that I messed up something.
Yes, it is planted permanently outside in the rock/ crevice garden in pure gravel. No protection.

I like the color, although not as intense as in hotter countries, but I am quite pleased with the result. My summers are really cool and overcast. The opuntia I have, very rarely flower, but pads look nice and it is enough for me.
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Re: Opuntia santarita

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Maya, that’s about the same degree of color I got here in Berkeley, California. I got rid of it years ago after waiting for a better display.
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Re: Opuntia santarita

Post by Fillan »

Subject to -7oC in a dry green house. No way it would survive outside as the molluscs would devour it in days
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