Cycads are flushing

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Re: Cycads are flushing

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Awesome that you guys are growing these plants so far north. Truly pushing the limits.

Here summer has hit us like a punch in the face. Up to literally last Tuesday, the rain season held temps below 30 degrees and the lows were in the low 20s. Tuesday afternoon the oven turned on, far beyond typical for this time of year. To give an idea, the high hit 35 the last two days, and the lows have been right around 28. That is mid August weather, not this early. Go figure.

The cycads have been digging the heat however. Here are Cycas revoluta 'alba' and Dioon edule 'Palma Sola' flushing today.

And a close up of the C. revoluta 'alba'

And the typical form of Dioon edule is really taking off now.
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Re: Cycads are flushing

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Nice Tom. Here my female Sago is coneing for the second year in row meaning no new fronds two years in a row. Don't get it.Cycads.
It's been a hot July all over California. Record hot.
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